Grunts Wanted!!

Grunts Wanted! We are The Chungus Tribe and we are looking for resource collectors to assist our main man TYCO. No real experience needed but we need spirit! Message me on discord for inquiries: TheKillersPR#3807   Chungus Tribe Leader, Rex

The Center and Valguero are live!!

The Center ( 100x PvP The Center) and Valguero ( 100x PvP Valguero) are live and ready for your enjoyment. Please let me know if any of you have issues getting to the new maps we just added. Happy hunting! Thanks all!

The Center and Valguero Coming Soon!

I have one more server that is not currently being used for anything. With 16GB of free memory to use, I can run two more maps. Based on feedback from all of you, I’ve decided the add The Center and Valguero. This will give us a total of 4 maps on our cluster. Invite your … Read more

Patch Notes 2.0

After a long debate with the server owners and admins, we have finally decided to turn structure collision off to help with base building in certain locations, and with this change, we are also adding a new set of building rules so make sure to check those out in server rules. We have also finally … Read more