Welcome to 100x PvP OKBalls Crystal Isles

Arkserv.net setup it’s first cluster. The map we chose to use was Crystal Isles. We plan on adding additional maps in the future, mainly focusing on free DLC maps. Please leave comments or find us on discord to make suggestions for improving the server or for additional maps you might like to see added in … Read more

Changing Server Names

During the next down time when few people are on the server playing, we will be changing the server names. “100x PvP OKBalls” will be renamed to “arkserv.net 100x PvP Ragnarok”. “100x PvP OKBalls Cystal Isles” will be renamed to “arkserv.net 100x PvP Cystal Isles”. We would like to drop the OKBalls part as that … Read more

Arkserv.net sets up on Battlemetrics.com

We have setup all of our metrics publicly to be available on battlemetrics.com. Add us to your favorites. We plan on adding metrics on our servers directly to arkserv.net in the near future. Please go to battlemetrics.com and search for 100x PvP OKBalls and 100x PvP OKBalls Crystal Isles. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/13911460 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/14001705

Arkserv.net 100x PvP OKBalls Ragnarok Goes Live

On January 7th, 2022 we went live with 100x PvP OKBalls. This is a Ragnarok server we started to play our friends. My brother, nephew, and other family and friends started getting a lot of participation almost immediately. Within a few days our server was ranking high. As of today we’re ranked #2686 in world … Read more