A new cluster is here! 50x PvP with Quality of Life mods! New rules, new experience!

—Arkserv.net 50x PvP QoL Rules— Mods: Structures Plus Awesome SpyGlass! ArkShop User Interface in Game (Press F1) Plugins: ArkShop Global Clusters Chat 50x Harvest and XP Multiplier Season Duration: 6 Weeks PvP Cave Structure Damage: 8x 5 Man Tribes —Code of Conduct— 1.  No Cheating 2.  No Manipulating Game Mechanics 3.  No Racist names (both … Read more

We must be doing something right!?

I’m so glad to see so many new players! This is exactly what I had hoped for and I plan on continuing to grow the server! With that said, I have ordered a brand new High-end PowerEdge server to host the cluster! In the future I am planning on scaling out Arkserv.net to include 25x … Read more