A new cluster is here! 50x PvP with Quality of Life mods! New rules, new experience!

—Arkserv.net 50x PvP QoL Rules—
Structures Plus
Awesome SpyGlass!
ArkShop User Interface in Game (Press F1)
Global Clusters Chat
50x Harvest and XP Multiplier
Season Duration: 6 Weeks
PvP Cave Structure Damage: 8x
5 Man Tribes
—Code of Conduct—
1.  No Cheating
2.  No Manipulating Game Mechanics
3.  No Racist names (both playernames and tribes)
4.  No Allies, No Teaming
5.  No Structures At Obelisks
6.  No Griefing and Bullying Players
7.  No Overly Offensive Language
8.  No C4 Blocking
9.  No Symbols or Special Characters in your Playername
10. No name like “Human”, including “Humano”
11. No building behind the mesh
12. No Caging
13. No Lone Pillars or Foundations
14. No PvP Spam more than 30 Foundations Away
15. No Excessive PvP Spamming
16. No Insiding
17. No Spamming Game Chat or Discord Chat
18. No Littering Taming Pens and Traps (Must Destory When Done)

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