Arkserv’s Ragnarok 100x PvP Server is Ranked #1961 in the World by!!

What a weekend folks! We started the server up on January 7th, 2022. Just a bunch of friends goofing around wanting to have some fun playing ark together. We got tired of all of the unofficial servers not being very balanced, and admins not being fair. So we set out to create a fair and balanced PvP server with stat multipliers setup in a way that we could significantly decrease the amount of grinding required for a new player to become well established! Almost immediately people were finding the server and joining. They invited their friends, and their friends invited their friends, and so on and so on until we are where we are now. Now we are humbly ranked #1961 in the world, out of 125,000+ Ark Evolved servers. How amazing!

As of today, there are several warring tribes, along with several alliances that are starting to form. It appears the tribe of Chungus is taking the lead currently assuming the role of Alpha tribe on the server. Who will dethrone them in coming months? Only time will tell.

Thank you all who have participated! I hope to continue seeing growing participation. As of today, we’re seeing an average of 8 new players a day.

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