has Ark Servers!

Visit us at and see what latest games, maps, and clusters we’re hosting! Make suggestions and participate in the community! If you’d like to be an author, got to our contact us page and request the ability to write posts! We have Ark Servers, 7 Days to Die, Rust, Minecraft, V Rising, Satisfactory, and … Read more

A new cluster is here! 50x PvP with Quality of Life mods! New rules, new experience!

— 50x PvP QoL Rules— Mods: Structures Plus Awesome SpyGlass! ArkShop User Interface in Game (Press F1) Plugins: ArkShop Global Clusters Chat 50x Harvest and XP Multiplier Season Duration: 6 Weeks PvP Cave Structure Damage: 8x 5 Man Tribes —Code of Conduct— 1.  No Cheating 2.  No Manipulating Game Mechanics 3.  No Racist names (both … Read more

We must be doing something right!?

I’m so glad to see so many new players! This is exactly what I had hoped for and I plan on continuing to grow the server! With that said, I have ordered a brand new High-end PowerEdge server to host the cluster! In the future I am planning on scaling out to include 25x … Read more has grown!

We haven’t posted in a while! The servers have grown to a large number of servers. We’re now boasting 12 Ark Survival Evolved servers, 1 7 Days To Die Server, and 1 heavily modified Rust server. We’re starting to consider reducing the number of servers. We’d like to invite commenting on which of the six … Read more

Ark Love Evolved 2022 Event Starts Today!!!

Hi all! The 2022 Valentine’s Day event starts today! Server owners, add “ActiveEvent=vday” to your startup script. What are the dates of the event? The event will start on 02-09-2022 and finish on 02-16-2022. Players will be able to try and catch Valentine’s Coelacanth in return for chibis, candies, and chocolate. I will slowly be … Read more