Patch Notes 1.0

Changes to base stat multipliers to rebalance past changes to melee and fortitude. A few quality of life changes for O2 to make underwater caves easier to explore and the last change to melee stat has been made with this patch.

  • Increased health multiplier by .50 from 2.50
  • Increased stamina multiplier by.25 from 2.25
  • Increased O2 multiplier by.25 from 2
  • increased melee from 6 to 8

Changes to dino stat multipliers to make sure our prehistoric friends are not out of the fight and can make a change in PVP and raiding and be a bit more helpful with resource runs and taming.

  • Increased weight multiplier by 650 from 100
  • Increased health multiplier by .25 from 3
  • Increased stamina multiplier by .25 from 2

We rebalanced turrets by making the turret groups a bit bigger. We were seeing with the last patch we made turret groups too small. We also saw that 250 was a bit small for a permanent turret limit so we raised it to 350.

We are also lowering cave damage from 6x to 3x. So we can make it easier for people who are building in caves we are halving the cave damage to structures.

Added a tribe limit of 12.

Wild dino level was moved from 150 to 200.

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