Patch Notes 2.0

After a long debate with the server owners and admins, we have finally decided to turn structure collision off to help with base building in certain locations, and with this change, we are also adding a new set of building rules so make sure to check those out in server rules.

We have also finally got the arkshop API working on the server so we are happy to bring you guys a shop and kits we plan on adding more kits and shop items to the shop make sure to add server suggestions for server and shop changes.

Breeding has finally been fixed as well as the cuddle timer we know this has been a long wait for this fix and we are happy to finally bring this fix to you all. We are sorry for the long wait for breeding to be fixed.

We are also in the works in adding a few custom dino spawns to Ragnarok. We added velonasaur to the central canyon spawns. We are in the the process of adding rock drakes and rock drake eggs to Valguero. And also adding a managarmr to the snow mountains in Ragnarok

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