Trying not to reboot!

We have several stat changes we want to make, but I’m always reluctant to reboot. Is it easy to find the server after a reboot? I don’t want to kick people off when they’re in the middle of something. Please let us know thoughts on this, and if the server is easy to find? Hopefully … Read more

Meet the Admins!

Hello, welcome! We hope you have a ton of fun! We plan on continuing to expand the number of servers and adjusting server stat modifications and multipliers based on user feedback. The more you contribute and comment the better. Invite your friends and leave posts about your adventures in PvP! On the left is MissBitchTits, … Read more

Welcome to 100x PvP OKBalls Crystal Isles setup it’s first cluster. The map we chose to use was Crystal Isles. We plan on adding additional maps in the future, mainly focusing on free DLC maps. Please leave comments or find us on discord to make suggestions for improving the server or for additional maps you might like to see added in … Read more