Ranked #1895 in the world! Join us at arkserv.net today!

Wow, what an unexpected surprise. Arkserv’s Ragnarok server is ranked #1895 in the entire world, out of 125,000+ Ark servers. And, as of this moment, the servers’ popularity is continuing to grow and grow. Since we started with one Ragnarok PvP server back on January 7th,  2022, we’ve seen a lot of players getting serious about some PvP. Overtime as people requested additional maps, we spun up our first cluster starting with Crystal Isles, followed by The Center, Valguero, and Lost Island as of today! So now we have 5 servers on our cluster, and we’ve changed the name of the severs to reflect that they’re all clustered. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of new players join across the complete collection of maps on Arkserv.net.

I do planning on adding one more server in the future. But I am going to wait to see which server the community would prefer. Please feel free to comment on this post to make suggestions as to which map you guys might want to see.

I haven’t done an official count, but it would appear between all maps there are approximately 20 separate tribes. Our servers are located in Central US, so during the day local time here, we’ve seen a lot folks from all over the US and Canada playing. Early in the morning local time, we’re seeing a couple groups from Germany and the UK joining and setting up bases. It’s been so cool to watch our rank go up and up and up.

Thanks, all you dedicated Ark PvP players! I appreciate your participation and contribution to making Arkserv.net the new destination for fun, fair, and balanced Ark PvP action! I’d like to encourage everyone to register for a user account on Arkserv.net. We will plan on offering members the ability to subscribe to our newsletter and receive notifications when new posts and announcements are made.

Finally, at Arkserv.net, we plan on doing some planned events in the near future like this weekend’s scheduled loot base event. So, please subscribe and become a member to keep up-to-date on fun events coming in the future! Help us grow, and make this an even more fun place to play Ark Survival Evolved!!!

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