Tribe Enforcer

Looking for Group feature is available!

Invite someone to your tribe with this chat command./invite
Accept an invite to a tribe./accept
This chat command will add you to the looking for group queue in game./lfg
If you’re a tribe admin looking to recruit, use this command to see who is looking for a group./lfglist


  • Name Control+ integration to make sure the tribe name fits your server’s naming standards (supports block only)
  • A tribe created on a map will automatically be created on any other map when a tribe member joins the new map on the cluster.
  • A tribe member invited on Server A will be auto added to the Tribe on Server B upon joining the map. No, longer do tribes have to invite players on every map to be in the same tribe.Kicking a player from the tribe will kick them cluster wide from the tribe. (real-time kicking if the player is online otherwise will be removed when they login)
  • Ability to Promote/Demote Tribe Admins across the cluster.
  • Renaming the tribe will happen cluster wide on any active map your tribe is currently logged into and inactive maps (no players online) once a tribe member logs into that server.
  • Handles merging tribes with structures on other maps even if invited on another map when the “owning” player joins back to that server and is added to the new tribe.
  • This will also handle enforcing tribe size cluster wide preventing having different players on different maps.
  • Tribe names are now reserved cluster wide upon tribe creation so it may not be used on another map by another tribe.
  • Tribe Size permissions assigned based on tribe members (Permissions 1.8 required to use the feature)
  • Discord logging for all auto managed tribe events.
  • Full Unicode support for tribe names.
  • Option to Kick and Teleport a player instead of trapping inside their old tribes base (also helps prevent griefing)
  • Additional features to help support adding to existing clusters seamlessly.
  • Force Tribe Membership (if using this feature in TribeLogRelay disable that one)


  • Lets say that “Lethal” created a tribe named “Lethal Tribe”. Lethal invites Bill to join the tribe and decides he wants to travel to The Center map. Bill transfers to The Center where “Lethal Tribe” is immediately created and Bill is added as a tribe member. Both tribes will have the same Tribe ID for easy admin tracking and Lethal and Bill don’t have to worry about tribing up at a later time.
  • Later that day Lethal travels to The Center map for the first time. Upon joining the map Lethal is added to the tribe “Lethal Tribe” and set as the tribe owner automatically.
  • While on The Center map Lethal meets another player to add to the tribe named Jim. Jim has already built some structures and tamed some dinos on Extinction. Lethal invites Jim to the tribe on The Center. When Jim transfers back to Extinction the system knows that Jim should be in “Lethal Tribe” but is currently tribe owner of “Tribe of Jimbo” so it automatically creates the “Lethal Tribe” for the first time on Extinction then merges “Tribe of Jimbo” into “Lethal Tribe” keeping all of Jim’s structures and dinos even though he was invited on another map.

Changes since the last free version

  • Added tribe size using permissions 1.8+ that tracks cluster wide tribe size.
  • Added discord webhook and messaging for admin tracking of tribe member changes
  • Added Unicode support
  • Added RCON command te.addplayer <tribeid> <playerid> <owner> (te.addplayer 44444444 12345567 0)
  • Updated code that will now auto create TE database entries for an existing tribe and members upon first member logging in.
  • This will help mid season installation of the plugin.
  • Tribe leader being the same on each map will make the transition easier.
  • However, it is not required but for the old tribe assets on other maps the tribe leader on that map must travel there instead. te.addplayer will now work via RCON and Console
  • te.addplayer will now immediately change the players status if the command is issued on the server the player is currently on or the player can relog.
  • Added new option: “ForceTribeMembership”: true, //Force players into a tribe if not already in a tribe
  • Note: If you use this feature in TribeLogRelay disable it and use this new option here. The version in this plugin is smarter and won’t join people to a new tribe because the game was too slow when they logged in.
  • As well as other bug fixes.


Last Updated 01/02/2023