We must be doing something right!?

I’m so glad to see so many new players! This is exactly what I had hoped for and I plan on continuing to grow the server! With that said, I have ordered a brand new High-end PowerEdge server to host the cluster!

In the future I am planning on scaling out Arkserv.net to include 25x and 50x servers as well. We will be planning on increasing the tribe limit slightly on the current cluster, and also creating a small tribes server to compete and become the most popular Ark server on the internet!

Yesterday, for over 5 hours straight, we were the #1 servers in the entire world! How cool is that?

More to come, but wanted to post this out of sheer excitement. Follow me on twitch.tv/arkservers, help me grow the server and channel, and let’s make Ark great again!!


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