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Turret Filler Chat Commands

/fillFill your turrets.
/turretsChange turret settings.
  • Fill Turrets easily with ammunition in player inventory.
  • Fills plant species X,Y,Z
  • Join cooldown on using fill for X seconds.
  • Change all kinds of turret settings
  • Supports all turrets, even mod ones.
  • Fully respects turret inventory slot counts, even when different types of turrets using same type of ammo and has different slot counts!
  • Even outs ammo count in turrets on filling.
  • Filter type of turrets to fill/change easily
  • /fill heavy would fill only turrets including “heavy” in their name
  • /fill !heavy would fill only turrets excluding “heavy” in their name
  • Set higher fill range for your donators!
  • Supports reloading config while running.
  • Fully configurable

Shop Chat Commands

/pointsShow current amounts of points.
/buy ItemID QuantityBuys the item from the Ark Shop.
/trade ‘CharacterName’ AmountSend points to other player ( ‘ ‘ is required )
/kitShows all kits.
/kit KitNameRedeems the kit.
/shop PageShows a list of available items.
/sell ItemID QuantitySells an item.
/shopsell PageShows a list of available items you can sell.
/shophelpShows custom help message.

Shop Items

Last Updated: August 20, 2022

wyvernmilkWyvern Milk (3x)75
hazardHazard Suit300
longrassLongrass (10,000x)200
spinosailSpinosaurus Sail (10x)600
spyglassSpy Glass (1x)75
deathwormDeathworm (25x)100
flashlightFlashlight Attachment (1x)50
blubberBasilosaurus Blubber (10x)600
savorootSavoroot (10,000x)200
holoHolo-Scope Attachment (1x)100
silencerSilencer Attachment (1x)100
laserLaser-Scope Attachment (1x)100
scubatankScuba Tank (1x)250
scubamaskScuba Mask (1x)250
scubaflippersScuba Flippers (1x)250
gasmaskGasmask (1x)250
chainsawMastercraft Chainsaw (1x)500
metalMetal Ingots (5000x)500
cementCementing Paste (5000x)200
silicaSilica Pearls (5000x)100
blackpearlsBlack Pearls (5000x)100
absorbentsubstrateAbsorbent Substrate (5000x)100
anglergelAngler Gel (5000x)100
shellTurtleShell Fragment (5000x)100
gasballGas Ball (5000x)60
crystalCrystal (5000x)100
biotoxinBio Toxin (5000x)100
mutagenMutagen (5x)50
basickibbleBasic Kibble (1x)6
elementElement (15x)100
gasolineGasoline (5000x)60
fertalizerFertalizer (100x)50
pelletsSnow Owl Pellets (1x)10
gunpowderGunpowder (5000x)120
hideHide (5000x)25
mindwipeMindwipe (10x)10
narcoticsNarcotics (500x)50
obsidianObsidian (5000x)100
oilOil (5000x)100
peltPelt (5000x)100
bugBug Repellant (500x)100
polymerPolymer (5000x)150
propellantPropellant (5000x)190
shadowsteakShadowsteak (100x)20
toolkitTools (Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick)20
flaksetFlak Set120
ammoniteAmmonite Bile (1000x)100
carnoCarnotaurus Level 250600
anglerfishAbberrant Anglerfish Level 250600
ankyAbberrant Ankylosaurus Level 250600
argentavisArgentavis Level 250600
arthroplueraArthropluera Level 250600
baryonyxBaryonyx Level 250400
basiliskBasilisk Level 2501000
bulbdogBulbdog Level150
carbonemysCarbonemys Level 200600
daeodonDaeodon Level 150800
dunkleosteusDunkleosteus Level 200600
giganotosaurusGiganotosaurus Level 1501200
karkinosKarkinos Level 250600
mammothMammoth Level 200500
mantisMantis Level 250800
mosasaurusMosasaurus Level 2002000
otterOtter Level 80025
plesiosaurusPlesiosaurus Level 2501600
procoptodonProcoptodon Level 200400
quetzalQuetzal Level 2502000
rexRex level 250850
rockelementalRock Elemental Level 2504000
spinoSpinosaurus Level 250600
therizinosaurTherizinosaur Level 200600
tusoteuthisTusoteuthis Level 250600
woollyrhinoWoolly Rhino Level 250500
wyvernWyvern Level 250950
yutyrannusYutyrannus Level 250700
griffinGriffin Level 250700
feroxFerox Level 250700
teksteggoTek Steggo Level 3001000
redred drop600
yellowyellow drop450
Package1All Kibble Package500
ghilliesetAscended/Mastercraft Ghillie Suit500
Package2Flyers Kibble Package250
apexApex Items4000
armorskinsArmor Skins10
apex-crystal-islesCrystal Isles Apex Items750
apex-valgueroValguero Apex Items400
apex-moreMore Apex Items400
hatskinsHat Skins10
dinoskinsDino Skin Pack10
dinohatsDino Hats10
weaponskinsWeapon Skins10
headhairHair Styles10
facehairBeard Styles10
emotesBeard Styles1000

Sell Items

Console CommandSell PriceItem Description
/sell beer60Beer Jar (6x)
/sell riflebullets100Advanced Rifle Bullets (10,000x)
/sell basickibble1Basic Kibble (3x)
/sell extraordinarykibble10Extraordinary Kibble (3x)
/sell element10Element (10x)