Arkserv Shop

Chat Commands

/pointsShow current amounts of points.
/buy ItemID QuantityBuys the item from the Ark Shop.
/trade ‘CharacterName’ AmountSend points to other player ( ‘ ‘ is required )
/kitShows all kits.
/kit KitNameRedeems the kit.
/shop PageShows a list of available items.
/sell ItemID QuantitySells an item.
/shopsell PageShows a list of available items you can sell.
/shophelpShows custom help message.
Shop commands
Abberrant Anglerfish Level 250600anglerfish
Abberrant Ankylosaurus Level 250600anky
Argentavis Level 250600argentavis
Arthropluera Level 250600arthro
Baryonyx Level 250400baryonyx
Basilisk Level 2501000basilisk
Bulbdog Level 150150bulbdog
Carbonemys Level 200600carbo
Carnotaurus Level 250600carno
Daeodon Level 150800daeodon
Dunkleosteus Level 200600dunkleosteus
Ferox Level 250700ferox
Giganotosaurus Level 1501200giga
Rock Elemental Level 2504000golem
Griffin Level 250700griffin
Karkinos Level 250600karkinos
Mammoth Level 200500mammoth
Mantis Level 250800mantis
Mosasaurus Level 2002000mosa
Otter Level 80025otter
Parasaurolophus Level 1020parasaur
Plesiosaurus Level 2501600plesi
Quetzal Level 2502000quetzal
Rex level 250850rex
Woolly Rhino Level 250500rhino
Procoptodon Level 200400roo
Spinosaurus Level 250600spino
Spawns a Level 160 Stryder at your location500stryder
Tek Steggo Level 3001000teksteggo
Therizinosaur Level 200600theri
Tusoteuthis Level 250600tuso
Wyvern Level 250950wyvern
Yutyrannus Level 250700yuty
All alpha items (Tributes)2000alpha
Ammonite Bile (1000x)100ammonite
Angler Gel (5000x)100anglergel
All apex items3000apex
Armor Skins10armorskins
All artifacts (Tributes)1000artifacts
Electronic Binoculars (1x)75bino
Bio Toxin (5000x)100biotoxin
Black Pearls (5000x)100blackpearls
Bug Repellant (500x)100bug
Cementing Paste (5000x)200cement
Mastercraft Chainsaw (1x)500chainsaw
Citronal (10,000x)200citronal
Harvest all resources nearby10clear
Empty Cryopod (1x)50cryo
Crystal (5000x)100crystal
Deathworm Horns (25x)100deathworm
Dino Hats10dinohats
Dino Skin Pack10dinoskins
Electronics (1500x)250electronics
Element (15x)100element
Beard Styles10facehair
Fertilizer (1000x)100fertilizer
Flak Set120flakset
Flashlight Attachment (1x)50flashlight
Scuba Flippers (1x)150flippers
Gas Ball (5000x)60gasball
Gasmask (1x)150gasmask
Gasoline (5000x)60gasoline
Ascended/Mastercraft Ghillie Suit500ghillieset
GPS (1x)50gps
Grapple Kit (Crossbow, Grapple Hook(50x))100grapple
Gunpowder (5000x)120gunpowder
Hat Skins10hatskins
Hazard Suit300hazard
Hair Styles10headhair
Trade 1 point for 100 hexagons1hexagons
Hide (5000x)25hide
Holo-Scope Attachment (1x)100holo
100% imprint a dino(Target)100imprint
10x of each kibble quality300kibble
Laser-Scope Attachment (1x)100laser
Longrass (10,000x)200longrass
Metal Ingots (5000x)500metal
Mindwipe (10x)10mindwipe
Mutagen (1x)10mutagen
Narcotics (5000x)50narcotics
Obsidian (5000x)100obsidian
Oil (5000x)100oil
Silica Pearls (5000x)100pearls
Snow Owl Pellets (1x)10pellets
Pelt (5000x)100pelt
Polymer (5000x)150polymer
Propellant (5000x)190propellant
Rockarrot (10,000x)200rockarrot
Sap (500x)150sap
Savoroot (10,000x)200savoroot
Scuba Mask (1x)150scubamask
Scuba Tank (1x)150scubatank
Shadowsteak (100x)20shadowsteak
TurtleShell Fragment (5000x)100shell
Silencer Attachment (1x)100silencer
Absorbent Substrate (5000x)100substrate
Instantly take 100,000 damage25suicide
Toolkit (Hatchet, Pick, Sickle)20tools
Tracker Kit (Transponder Tracker, Transponder Node(50x))100tracker
Wake a dino up from cryosleep(Target)1000wakeup
Weapon Skins10weaponskins
Show off how much gold you have10000weirdflex
Wyvern Milk (3x)75wyvernmilk
Items the shop will sell to the player for points.
Beer Jar (6x)60beer
Advanced Rifle Bullets (10,000x)1000riflebullets
Sweet Vegetable Cakes (1x)1cake
Basic Kibble (3x)3basickibble
Extraordinary Kibble (3x)10extraordinarykibble
Items the shop will buy from the player for points.