Server Rules Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Outline

• Hacking and exploiting the mechanics of the game are forbidden.
• Heckling and Trash talking is permitted within reason. Don’t make it personal.
• Spamming the server chat is forbidden.
• C4 blocking is forbidden.
• Insiding is not allowed.
• Racism of any kind is forbidden.
• Symbols and special characters in player name are forbidden.
• The name “Human” or “Humano” is forbidden.
• Bullying is forbidden.
• No building behind the mesh.
• Leaving Dino traps and taming pens behind without destroying them is STONGLY DISCOURAGED! Unless you enjoy lag or early wipes 😉
• No lone pillars or foundations.
• Going outside 30 foundations away to spam turrets is against the rules.
• PVP Spamming is highly discouraged and negatively effects the server and gameplay experience.

Administrators are not allowed to play the game!

No using mantis and club combo! Wooden clubs have been banned from the game. The engram is turned off. If you’re caught with one, you will get fined a minimum of 10,000 points, but can hold a maximum penalty of up to 500,000 points depending on varying circumstances and at the discretion of the server owner!

No placing structures on or near obelisks!

Code of Conduct (Full Explanation)

No Hacking

Hacking or exploiting game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage over other players is not tolerated. Hacking – examples are not limited to but can include using third-party programs such as in-game automated bots, ESP, Aimbots, and Game Engine Modifications.

Expected Behavior

  • Interactions with other players through text chat, voice chat, and signs (or paintings) must adhere to the rules below and you cannot use an alternative spelling to circumvent restrictions.
  • No Racial words of any kindNo Racial Player names or tribe names!
    Ensure that you do not: Use Racial slurs or comments, which includes naming of Dino’s Racism will not be tolerated.
  • Profanity and vulgar speech allowed, within reason. Don’t make it personal. This is just a game. We’re here to have fun and compete!
  • Disrupt the game – such as intentionally causing the chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of Chat.
  • Insiding is bannable. Substantial evidence must be provided to show that insiding has taken place (NOT knowing how to play does not count as insiding).
  • WE DO NOT REPLACE ANY ITEMS STOLEN OR LOST DUE TO INSIDING. YOU INVITED THEM, YOU TRUSTED THEM. The tribe leader must give permission for you to take anything when leaving your tribe, even imprinted tames. Everything farmed, looted, tamed and bred while in a tribe belongs to the tribe.
  • Your in-game name and tribe name must be alphanumeric – no symbols or smiley faces.

Building Rules

  • 3 Base Max per Tribe (Cluster-wide)
  • 100%, most definitely, and absolutely no building within the mesh. This will greatly upset me if I see this, and will no longer be tolerated to any degree. You will most likely only get warned once if you’re caught meshing, and there’s a very strong chance the admin will just do a tribe structure wipe.
  • No meshed structures or turrets. This includes meshed foundations, pillars, ocean platforms, etc. Your structures must be easily destroyed by an enemy placing C4 onto it.
  • No meshed turrets! Mesh turrets are any turrets shooting through terrain (i.e. inside a cave to outside the cave). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY that none of your turrets shoot through the mesh.
  • Break Dino traps once you are done using them. THANK YOU! 🙂
  • No lone pillars or foundations. Lone pillars or foundations will be wiped!
  • No building on or near obelisks!

Rules of Engagement

  • Tribe limit is increased to 8. This means no more allies.
  • Ark is a social game. That means, it is probably better to have positive interactions with other individuals and tribes creating the lowest chance of being targeted for making yourself disliked.

Server Wipe Day

Last Wipe was Dec. 22nd!
Next Wipe is Feb 3rd! 6 weeks from last wipe.!


Consequences for violating rules will depend on the severity of the infraction. All punishment is up to the server administrator, with the server own having final say.

All administrators are empowered to make summary judgement for any infraction of the rules. If you are found guilty by and administrator, and you are banned, there is a ban appeal process.

You must make a ban appeal if you feel you were wrongly banned. A detailed review will be performed by the server owner at his earliest convenience. Bans can only be overrode by the server owner. To submit a ban appeal, click here. Put “Ban Appeal” in the subject line.

Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. In almost all cases except for hacking and blatant cheating, since we want as much fun and participation as possible, we will give up to 2 warnings on a single rule that was broken. After 2 warnings, we will ban you for up to, but not limited to 1 to 3 days. If upon returning to the server you continue to violate the rules, we will permanently ban you from playing on our servers.

What is Insiding?

Insiding is when someone in your tribe is providing inside information, items, or dinos to rival tribes. In order to be found guilty of insiding, undisputable evidence has to be provided that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that player player was indeed insiding. Typically that evidence would need to be screenshots of chat logs, but other forms of evidence may exist as long as the requirement is met that it proves beyond a reasonable doubt insiding occurred.


Arena Deathmatch Rules

Please click here for details around how the Arena Deathmatch works.

  • No offensive or racist language will be tolerated
  • No griefing your own team or purposely throwing games
  • Do not prevent people from playing the game, including non combat activities such as the Parkour challenges.
  • Purposely forfeiting a deathmatch game by purposely disconnecting is considered “throwing” and is against the server rules. If you do it continually, action will be taken against your account.
  • No use of any scripts or macros is allowed. This includes “Flak Macros” and Aimbots
  • Using “Emotes” or other non-combat animations in 1v1 and 2v2 games is forbidden
  • No “Human”, “123”, or “blank” Character names (steam name is ok)
  • No platform builds which completely prevent the dino from taking damage from other dinos, or abuse snap points (i.e. floating structures)