Ark Ascended is here! 100x PVP The Island II

Just wiped! Season II begins!

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We just wiped on 11/08/2023!

If you have a request for a game server you would like spun up, for free, please hit me up in discord! I have Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles, Ark, and many others. Project Valheim III (Valheim) PvP All Day Mufucka! – (v358.17) (Ark Ascended) PvP All Day Mufucka (Rust)

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The Survival Chronicles

— Latest Insights

  • Server Suggestions?

    We’d love to hear from you on your suggestions. Comment, and contribute to the community playing ark!

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  • New Server Features: Transfer Elements and Boosted Voting Rewards

    Introduction Attention all survivors! We’re thrilled to bring you some groundbreaking updates that will revolutionize your gaming experience on our servers. First off, we’ve found a way for you to transfer Elements between maps, and no, you don’t need a mod for it! Additionally, we’re offering increased chances to receive Element rewards when you vote…

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  • Soap Element Transfer Method Enabled

    📢 Server Update Announcement 📢 Hey everyone, We have some exciting news! 🎉 Starting after the next server reboot, we’re introducing a way to transfer Element between maps without using any mods! 🌍 ↔️ 🌏 🛠 What’s Changing? 🔄 Why This Change? This allows you to effectively transfer your hard-earned Element between maps by first…

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  • Welcome to Season 18.2

    Due to some unforeseen map corruption we have been forced to restart the season early and move into season 18.2. Season 18.2 will end on August 25th 2023 and the alphas will be decided by whichever tribe owns the most raid trophies which can be acquired from other tribes as well as admin raid bases.

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