Official Wipe is Feb 2nd, 2023!

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Arkserv.net ATX Arena Deathmatch #3

Arkserv.net 100x Viking PvP NoTek QoLMods NoWipe

This server does not allow cave building or building in any artifact caves. You have to build out in the open, and there is no Tek! Test your PvP skills with primitive and metal tools only! Can you survive in the Viking world? Join, and find out! We will not be wiping this server for the foreseeable future!

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Arkserv.net 100x PvP Cluster

Arkserv.net 10x PvP Cluster

10x PVP Server, well balanced, quality of life mods, long seasons, max level 305, includes all 12 maps!



The Island




Genesis part 1

Genesis part 2

The Center

Lost Island

Scorched Earth

Crystal Isles

7 Days to Die