New Server Features: Transfer Elements and Boosted Voting Rewards


Attention all survivors! We’re thrilled to bring you some groundbreaking updates that will revolutionize your gaming experience on our servers. First off, we’ve found a way for you to transfer Elements between maps, and no, you don’t need a mod for it! Additionally, we’re offering increased chances to receive Element rewards when you vote for our server. Read on for all the juicy details.

The Element-Soap Conversion Method

What is it?

To enhance your multi-map journey, we’re introducing a new feature that allows you to convert your Elements into Soap, which can then be easily transferred across maps. After you arrive at your destination, you can then convert the Soap back into Element. It’s that simple!

How Does it Work?

  1. Craft Element into Soap: Before you move between maps, craft your Elements into Soap using your crafting interface.
  2. Transfer Maps: With the Soap in your inventory, transfer as you usually would to the new map.
  3. Convert Soap to Element: Once in the new map, simply craft the Soap back into Element.

Why Use This Method?

Elements are an essential resource but notoriously difficult to transfer. This method provides a seamless way to bring your Elements along for the ride without compromising the integrity of gameplay or relying on third-party mods.

Boosted Element Rewards for Voting

But wait, there’s more! To sweeten the pot and to celebrate our new feature, we’re boosting the likelihood of receiving Element rewards when you vote for our server. Your daily votes are now even more valuable, offering a higher chance of adding Elements to your stash.


We’re committed to continually improving your experience on our servers. These changes come as part of our ongoing effort to listen to your feedback and innovate where we can. We hope you take full advantage of these new features and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy surviving!

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