Welcome to Season 18

Good evening berry pickers.

Welcome officially to season 18

First I would just like to say thank you for sticking around while we stabilize the servers. We’re not in the clear yet but were checking off the boxes on where the problem isn’t.

The highlights for this season are as follows:

Admin raid bases will be popping up every so often containing interesting, rare, valuable, useful, or wacky loot. These bases will be announced in the discord with a hint showing their locations.

The alphas for this season will be determined by a dodo fight tournament near the end of season. With so many players in different time zones the logistics will have to be worked out and fights may possibly be staggered. A rule set will be posted beforehand but in the meantime you can prepare for the tournament in 2 ways.

First by capturing and breeding high level dodos as the fight will be a mosh pit 5v5 style.

Second by claiming the rare champion dodo’s hidden inside the Admin Vaults scattered around the maps  the locations of which will be posted along with the Raid Bases. At this moment there are 3 champion dodos in the cluster but plenty more will be added.

Special events may also pop up over the month so keep an eye on discord.

To prove you are the alpha tribe of the server this season capture as many champion dodos as possible and raid the bases of other tribes with champion dodos to knock them out of the running.

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