Elevate Your Ark Survival Game with ARKSERV: The Ultimate Gaming Cluster!

In the world of ARK: Survival Evolved, the name ARKSERV has become synonymous with engaging, innovative gameplay, and a close-knit community of passionate gamers. Today, we invite you to explore the distinct features that make our Ark 100x Cluster the ideal place for your Ark survival experience:

All-Platform Gaming: Open to Epic and Steam players, ARKSERV ensures a seamless gaming experience across all platforms, free of any mods that could restrict crossplay.

Rich Experience: With nearly two years of providing an exceptional gaming experience, ARKSERV boasts a community of over 500 members, and is constantly growing!

Tailored Plugins: Our server is equipped with unique plugins to enhance your gaming experience. They include:

  • Ark Shop: Earn and spend points on items you need!
  • Vote Rewards: Your votes matter, and we reward you for them!
  • Player Utilities: Tools to streamline your survival journey!
  • Global Cluster Cross Chat: Stay connected with players across the entire cluster!
  • Tribe Enforcer: Maintain law and order within your tribe!
  • Automatic Turret Filler: Never worry about an empty turret!
  • PvP Plus Enhancements: Spice up player-versus-player combat with custom cooldowns!

Wide Exploration: Traverse through 12 different maps, all part of our clustered system with cross map transferring enabled for a diverse survival experience.

Noglin Protection: Unique to our server, noglins can be attacked by turrets, adding a new level of strategy to your game.

Continuous Improvement: Season over season, we optimize and balance the server, factoring in player suggestions and feedback. We’ve just entered our 17th season, and we wipe on the last Friday of each month for a fresh start!

VIP Recognition: We value our supporters! Donations help maintain server costs, and we recognize these generous players with a lifetime VIP rank, carrying over season after season.

Join the ARKSERV family today, and be a part of a community that takes gaming to a whole new level. Whether you are a seasoned Ark survival expert or a newcomer eager to learn, our 100x cluster offers an environment that’s welcoming, balanced, and, most importantly, incredibly fun!

Step into the world of ARKSERV, and redefine your Ark Survival experience!

For more information, visit our website at https://arkserv.net or join the conversation on our Discord server at https://arkserv.net/discord. Need support? We’re ready to help at [email protected].

ARKSERV: Redefining Survival, one season at a time!

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